The 16th Conference Of The European Health Phychology Society

José Pais Ribeiro, Isabel Leal e Teresa Botelho


José Pais Ribeiro, Isabel Leal e Teresa Botelho



Millennium smokers: Health beliefs, thoughts and perceptions of health riskstowards smoking 
Carissa O. Wong, Nancy E. McMurray

Does culture matter? Cross-cultural comparison of smoking patterns amongadolescents 
Bettina E Piko , Frederick X. Gibbons, Aleksandra Luszczynska, Mert Tekdzel

Combining the theory of planned behaviour and the social cognitive theory topredict intention to smoke among young adolescents
Nora Owusu-Yeboah, Bente Wold

What explains tobacco behaviour among first year university students
L. Muller, M. Maugendre, E. Spitz

Adolescents' risk perceptions across cultures: A cross-cultural study
Mert Tekozel, Frederick X. Gibbons, Bettina E Piko, Aleksandra Luszczynska

Perceptions of the combined risks from radon and cigarette smoking
Sarah E. Hampson , Edward Lichtenstein, Michael E. Lee, Shawn Boles,Russell E. Glasgow

Minimal effects in secondary prevention, why? The intervention program(supra-f)
Gebh ard Hüsler, Egon Werlen, Michael Sigrist

A new method for collecting data in secondary prevention projects
Gebhard Hüsler, Egon Werlen, Michael Sigrist

Stress managment in adolescents with congenital visual difficulties
A Latron-Gorsse, E Sordes -Ader, M. Poussin

Logopedic performances and the evolution of physical and behavioural problems in adolescents with profound deafness after the application of new hearing aids 
R. Truzoli, I. Riccardi Ripamonti, M. Ricchetti, A. Scotti

The issues at stake for deaf adolescents concerning their feeling of integration into society 
Marjorie Poussin, Florence Sordes-Ader, Alexandra Latron-Gorsse

A schedule to develop discriminative flexibility founded on the procedure of the reversal shift 
Roberto Truzoli

Masculinity and disability - Social contruction of conflicting identities 
Jorge Cardoso

Internalized homophobia and health behaviour 
Henrique Pereira, Isabel Leal

Meaning of relationships and motives for sex with steady and casual partners 
WA. Gebhardt, L. Kuyper, G. Greunsven

In search of a personality profile of pre-term mothers 
Teresa Morais Botelho, José L. Pais Ribeiro, Isabel Leal

Expectant-fatherhood and the couvade syndrome 
Rita Gomez

What factors differentiate a university population that diets? 
A.R. Sepúlveda, J.A. Carrobles, A. Gandarillas

Emotional awareness and alexithymia in eating disorders 
S. Bydlowski S., M. Corcos, S.M. Consoli, S. Paterniti , C. Laurier S. Berthoz, J. Chambry, P Jeammet

Cognitive distortions in anorexia nervosa 
Aurora Szentagotai T

Parental concerns: Construction of an instrument of evaluation 
S. Algarvio, I. Leal

Mental health in a university population by age and gender
A.R. Sepúlveda, J.A. Carrobles, A. Gandarillas, C. Almendros

Daily rhythms of physical symptoms
Gisela Michel

Sleep quality during examinations in university students: Preliminary results 
Ana A. Gomes, José Tavares, Maria Helena P. Azevedo

What are the determinants of good sleep in older adults? 
Jason Ellis, Sarah E. Hampson, Mark Cropley

The use of fear appeals in natural resource settings 
Rebecca E. Barry

Cross validation of a portuguese version of the dental fear survey
Pedro Nuno Lopes, Emanuel Ponciano, Anabela Pereira, José Augusto Medeiros, Ronald Kleinknecht

Personality, emotions and the theory of planned behaviour in the context of genetic testing 
Gremigni Paola, Razzaboni Elisabetta, Ricci Bitti Pio Enrico

How to cope with the help-seeking dilemma: A behavioral and representational perspective 
Giovanna Leone, Tiziana Mastrovito

The efficacy of distraction on cold pressor tolerance times, in the context of individual coping styles of pain 
Lynnette Marie Clarke; Liz Whelen

Increasing the im pac t of implementation intentions: The effect of motivation type and environmental cues 
Andrew Prestwich, Rebecca Lawton, Mark Conner

Emotional state and representation of illness in cardiac patients 
E Manno, P. Gremigni, O. Bettinardi, E. Razzaboni, S. Guglielmetti, I. Satulli, P Ricci.

Anxiety and depression assessments: Effects on coronary patient's coping and quality of life in cardiac rehabilitation 
V Chateaux, J. Brockly, E. Spitz

Psychological and physiological factors influencing quality of life in patients with atria] fibrillation at time of diagnosis 
Caroline M Langman, Antonia C Lyons, Gregory YH Lip

Relationship of coping style to affective state and perceived social support in people living with HIV 
Eduardo Remor, Larissa Rodríguez-Alzamora, José Antonio Carrobles

Using a then-test approach and seiqol-dw to measure response shift in small cell lung cancer patients 
M.J. Westerman, T. Hak, G. van der Wal, B.A.M. The, H. Groen

Control beliefs, emotional status and psychosocial adaptation in breast cancer patients at follow-up stage 
Neipp, M. C., López-Roig, S., Pastor, M.A., Picó, C., Massutí, B., Castejón, J. V, Terol, M. C., Rodríguez-Marín, J.

The adherence behavior to the cervical cancer screening 
Ivone Patrao, Isabel Leal

Personal and social resources determining cancer patients' quality of life 
Z. Juczynski, N. Oginska-Bulik

An observational study of collaborative problem-solving in young children with diabetes and their mothers 
Vivienne Chisholm, Leslie Atkinson, Chris Kelnar, Kathryn Noyes, Caroline Donaldson, Elspeth Talbot, Anne Payne

Negative affect and chronic complications in diabetic patients 
I. Silva, J. Pais-Ribeiro, H. Cardoso, H. Ramos

Effects of glycemic control and treatment adherence on quality of life of diabetic patients 
I. Silva, J. Pais-Ribeiro, H. Cardoso, H. Ramos

Demographic variables: Impossibility of change equals impossibility of intervention? 
Rute F Meneses, José P. Ribeiro, A. Martins da Silva

War between the sexes for health care money 
Rute F Meneses, José P Ribeiro, A. Martins da Silva 

Health related quality of life in patients treated for hiv-infection: Im pac t of highly antiretroviral therapies (HAART) 
Marie Preau, Michel Morin, Ségoléne Duran, Bruno Spire, The APROCO Study Group

The influence of illness information over well-being in haemato-oncologic patients: Differences across the life span 
Sara Ulla, Cristina Coca, Carolina del Rincón, Eduardo Remor, Nuria Toledo , PilarArranz

Chronic diseases: Clinical variables, quality of life (QoL) and negative affect 
Rute F Meneses, J. Pais-Ribeiro, A. Martins da Silva 

Mental health (MHI-5) in focal epilepsy 
Rute F Meneses, José P. Ribeiro, A. Martins da Silva

Alcoholism and object relations through the rorschach and the mutuality of autonomy scale 
Ana Mónica Dias

A pilot study of caregiving-related problems in looking after loved ones suffering from alzheimers both at home and in residential homes 
Silvia Beltrami, Paola Chiambretto

Resources of mental health in patients with schizophrenia 
S. Meister. H-J. Haug, L. Valach

An evaluation of a residential housing programmeme in the usa for rehabilitation of clients suffering from mental illness 
Y Maman, D. I. Williams

Caregiver's satisfaction with alzheimer's patients hospital care 
Ana Margarida Cavaleiro, José Luís Pais-Ribeiro

Improving quality of care in health care settings 
José Luis Díaz, Teresa López-Fando, Eduardo Remor, Cristina Coca, Sara Ulla, Pilar Arranz

Relationship between nurses' health, coping and social support 
Bettina F Piko, Martha Piczil

Well-being among working women in saudi arabia : The role of work and lifestyle factors 
May Dabbagh

Teachers well being by a training programme. A longitudinal approach 
Saul Neves de Jesus, Anabela Pereira, José Manuel Esteve, Willy Lens, Juan Mosquera, Claus Stobaus

Perceived job stress, burnout syndrome and health status in police officers 
Nina Oginska-Bulik

Individual-organizational value fit and heath: Links with age and tenure
Tiffani Razavi

Perceived psychological abuse reported by former members of diverse cultic groups: Assisted versus non assisted by cult awareness associations 
C. Almendros, J.A. Carrobles, J.M. Jansa, A. Rodriguez- Carballeira

Breaking the death taboo: Older people's intentions to discuss end-of-life issues with their doctors 
Tushna Vandrevala, Sarah Hampson


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