EHPS Announcement: Call for papers - Special Issue on Chronic Pain

"In August 2016 The European Health Psychologist will publish a special issue on chronic pain. This issue will focus on innovative research and clinical practices designed to reduce the interference people living with chronic pain experience. We are interested in receiving brief (1,500 words) reports of empirical research or opinion pieces and commentaries on issues within the field that would have relevance for readers of the European Health Psychologist.
Please contact Thomas Fuller (thomas.fuller@maastrichtuniversity.nl) with details of a preliminary title or topic if you would like to make a contribution.
The deadline for submissions is: 1 July 2016
Further information for authors can be found on the European Health Psychologist website.

Sharon Cahill, EHPS Administrator
Email: adm@ehps.net
On behalf of Rik Crutzen, EHPS Communications Officer
Email: communication@ehps.net"